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This website features my work in 3D Graphic Design: Modelisation, 3D Renders, Virtual Environments, 3D Art and doodles.
Here you can find my portfolio, image galleries and samples of my previous productions.

Need a 3D Designer ?
The Solution: Kos Design

Why should you prefer a 3D Graphic Designer ?
Benefit from an image expert, 3D Design encompass several other creation domains including animation, 2D image editing and vector-based composition. Thanks to an intensive usage of a wide range of image editing softwares, a 3D Graphic Designer masters the whole Digital Production Pipeline.

Visual Content:
Role of the 3D Designer.
Trust a professional with your images: Kos Design.

Whether this is a 3D Model, or a Render, a website or an animation, a flyer or a simple image, all share the purpose of spreading your message.
As a 3D Graphic Designer, I can take charge of a broad range of tasks for any kind of support.

  • 3D Design: Modelization, Texturing & Shading, Rendered images and Animation, VFX
  • Print-based Design: creation of advertisement pages for newspapers, Posters, Leaflets
  • Web Design: website creation and server maintenance, frontend update, content management

3D Demo Blender & Maya by Cosmin Planchon from Cosmin Planchon on Vimeo.